We are a small group of students who practice the Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan in Fullerton, California.  Our Tai Chi Chuan practice style originates from the teaching of GrandMaster Kai Ying Tung, a third generation Tai Chi Chuan Master. This web site was created to honor our Tai Chi Teacher Tom Walters.  We are no longer accepting new students or people wanting to learn Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan because our group was created to mainly continue practicing our Tai Chi Chuan Sets as taught to us by Teacher Tom Walters.  Thank you for your understanding.

Our teacher, Tom Walters, was a long-time student of Master Tung and was given formal permission to teach the Tung Family Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan in Orange County, California.  After more than 35 years of teaching Tai Chi Chuan, Mr. Walters retired from teaching his students on September 2, 2017.  Mr. Walters taught the traditional Yang Style that GrandMasterTung learned from his grandfather, (GrandMasterTung Ying Chieh) and his father (GrandMasterTung Hu Ling).  GrandMaster Tung’s grandfather, Tung Ying Chieh, was one of the foremost students of Yang Cheng Fu – the founder of the Yang Style as we know it today.

Instead of disbanding and going our separate ways after the retirement of our Tai Chi teacher, his remaining students (including Mr. Walters’ three Advanced Students) wanted to continue practicing the Tung Family Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  After discussing our plans with Teacher Tom Walters, we were given permission to continue practicing Tai Chi Chuan.  Our  Club meets once a week every Saturday morning to continue practicing Tung Family Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.  Teacher Tom Walters tries to visit us once a month to critique/correct our Tai Chi Chuan forms.  Mr. Walters also requested that some of us attend one of GrandMaster Kai Ying Tung’s or his son, Master Chen Wei Tung’s Tai Chi Chuan workshops at least once a year so that our club will continue to correctly practice Tai Chi Chuan.  

Our Tai Chi Club practice the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Slow Set, Tai Chi Chuan Fast Set, Tung Family Slow Set, Tung Family Fast Set, Tiger Mountain Chi Kung, and Push Hands (Note: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are presently not practicing Push Hands).