Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient form of Chinese exercise and self-defense, encompassing a slow-moving sequence of postures that, if done correctly, should seem almost effortless.  Total immersion in this system of exercise can help develop better posture, increase arm and leg strength (without adding bulk), and improve cardiovascular conditioning/endurance.  Medical studies have shown that Tai Chi Chuan can improve joint flexibility, balance, enhance mental and physical health of the body, lower high blood pressure, and reduce symptoms of stress.  Tai Chi Chuan also develops the “qi,” (chi) or internal energy and allows it to flow through the energy channels in the body to help maintain overall health and well being.  Tai Chi Chuan is easy to learn, easy to practice, and a low impact exercise.

Retired Teacher Tom Walters (Center) with Advanced Students (L to R) Dan Yokoyama, Gerry Woods, and Bob Statham.

Typical Practice Session: A typical Tai Chi Chuan practice session always begins with everyone coming to practice on time and lining up in straight rows, one practioner behind the other. A martial arts uniform is NOT required in this practice group. We only ask that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and soft-soled shoes. The group begins with the 89 movements of the Yang Style Slow Set. It is important to practice the movements at home in order to continue your mastery of the Slow Set. After a brief rest period, we continue with practicing the Tiger Mountain Chi Gong, the Tung Family Slow Set, the Tung Family Fast Set,  and the Fast Set. Former students of Teacher Tom Walters who have not completed learning all the Tai Chi Chuan exercise sets are helped by the advanced students to complete their practice sessions.  

Teacher Tom Walters’ Advanced Students leading the Tai Chi Club practice group includes Dan Yokoyama, who has been a student and Teacher’s Assistant for Teacher Tom Walters for 25 years, Gerry Woods, advanced student of Mr. Walters for 16 years; and advanced student Robert (Bob) Statham, a student of Mr. Walters for 12 years. All three advanced students have been instructed in the following sets by Teacher Tom Walters: Yang Style Slow Set, Fast Set, Tiger Mountain Chi Gong, Tung Family Slow Set, Tung Family Fast Set, Push Hands (including Single, Double Push Hands, Three Step Push Hands, Four Step Push Hands), Sanshou, Knife Set 1, Tai Chi Sword, Double Sticks, Knife Set 2, Hard Set, Lance, and Tai Chi Applications.  

Where our Club practices Tai Chi Chuan: We practice around the southeast corner of Hillcrest Park at the corner of East Valley View Dr. and Lemon St. in Fullerton, California.  

Teacher Tom Walters' last group of students before his retirement in 2017